If you see this page when you login to your account it means
this account is under investigation and has been temporarily suspended.

Reasons why an account can be under investigation:

  • That we have received copyright complaints from our hosting providers or other agencies like DMCA/APIC for example.

  • Found links to child porn or other exposure of children in an unethical way. Both real and drawn (3D, anime etc.). This includes "model" images of under aged children.

  • Found links to animal porn.

  • Found links to warez and/or other copyrighted material.

  • Found links to copyrighted pictures, videos and/or files

  • Found links to hate, racism, terrorism and/or violence.

  • Found posts to adult content in the clean non-adult sections of our network.

  • Found links to viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware etc.

  • Found URLGalleries blogs/galleries showing different affiliate programs. Direct links to other affiliate programs are OK just not in blogs/galleries!

  • Found cheating with different kind of methods but not limited to bots (robots), double linking, auto-surf programs and so on.

  • Found cheating with referral bonus with several accounts, only one account per user is allowed without permission from URLCash.

  • Found hiding URLCash links methods or preventing the users from viewing the monetized links.

  • Found hiding URLCash advertisement with different methods for example frame breaking etc.
  • URLCash do not pay for non referral traffic. That's traffic where we can't verify its origin

  • URLCash reserves the right not to pay for traffic coming from Facebook or Youtube if the affiliate can't show its legitamate traffic.

  • URLCash reserves the right not to pay for traffic coming from traffic exchange sites. We may do exceptions but please ask before you send traffic.

  • URLCash reserves the right to remove any link within the urlcash system/network. For example if we get a report of anything inappropriate we will remove it.
    This will not be permitted in any way or form.

    Your statistics and the monetized links has been removed from your account. You must now contact us and explained why you are using URLCash in an unethical way. Check that your contact address are correct in your profile and write an e-mail to [email protected] to resolve this issue with your account.

    If you can't provide a valid reason your account will be permanently removed and all earnings forfeit.

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